1.Usu. snatch at
grab at or for, make a grab at, grasp at or for, grope for, clutch at, catch at, claw at, reach for, pursue; grapple for, scramble for, wrestle for, fight over; handle, feel, pick at, play with.
2. grab, pluck, pull, whisk, jerk, yank, Inf. snap up, Inf. nip; grip, gripe, grasp, clasp, clutch, clench; seize, catch, catch hold of, lay hold of, lay hands on, latch onto, fasten upon, get, Inf. get one's fingers or hands on; hook, snag, make off with, walk away with, carry off; apprehend, capture, arrest, take into custody, take prisoner, bag, Inf. pick up, Inf. collar, Inf. nab, U.S. Inf. corral, Sl. bust, Sl. pinch; clinch, secure, lock up, tie up, wrap up, Inf. cinch, Sl. sew up, Sl. have in the bag, Sl. put on ice; imprison, incarcerate, jail.
3. take, take over, take for oneself, assume, appropriate, expropriate, confiscate, impound, usurp, misappropriate, arrogate, Law. sequester, Law. sequestrate, Law. levy, Law. disseize, Law. distrain; commandeer, hijack, skyjack, pirate, take by force; steal, rob, purloin, fleece, pocket, Sl. swipe, Sl. pinch; abstract, plagiarize, borrow, Inf. crib, Sl. lift.
4.Usu. snatch from
rescue, save, ransom, liberate, deliver, redeem; pull [s.t.] out, turn [s.t.] around, salvage, wrest, extract.
5.Slang. kidnap, petnap, dognap, abduct, rape, hold as hostage or for ransom.
6. scrap, shred, remnant, tatter, fragment, splinter, chunk, chink, chip, smithereen; snip, snippet, slice, sliver, shaving, rasher; piece, corner, cantle, fraction, section, segment, part, portion, ration; bit, particle, morsel, crumb, ort, wisp, drib, drab, Sl. sniggie; sample, specimen, dose, taste, mouthful, handful, few, some; whip, iota, speck, grain, modicum, moiety, mite, micron, molecule, atom, trace.
7. spell, fit, stroke, brief period; outburst, outbreak, explosion, eruption, furor

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